Thursday, April 18, 2013


Last weekend, I decided it was time to get off me arse and get back on the try-to-get-published horse. 

Yup. That, my friends, is an accurate depiction of my first journey down the road to publication. As in, it ended before it even began. Now, I could wax poetic about all the reasons for the start-stall-fail journey I landed in, but I'm not one for agonizing over the past. I'm a clean slate kinda gal. Live and learn, my friends. Or more like flounce about like a loon until ya get it right, but whatevs.

 Blah blah blah.You're bored. I'm bored. Let's get to the point of all this rambling.


I know. You are wowed by my ingenious (some might even say diabolical) brain-brain. Bask in the wonderment of the brain-brain, ya'll. BASK I SAY!

Oh. I know. I know.

 Any-who. Back to THE PLAN.

I've decided on a three pronged approach. Let me 'splain.

Prong #1: Brush off the good ole MS & grow a pair.
The shameful truth is I haven't touched my lovely manuscript since October. October, y'all! When I realized it had been seven months since I'd even taken a peek, I was floored. 

However, I sorta see this as an opportunity to reread my lil story with a fresh pair of eyes. Furthermore, I have been bashfully seeking out the help of some old and new friends. Two of my BIGGEST failings as a writer are a. not asking my fellow writers/book-lovers for help due to fear and b. not being vocal about what I'm working on. 

In the last week, I've had the opportunity to reach out to some amazing people, both friends and strangers. Their guidance and knowledge is a blessing. I could NEVER thank them properly. From encouragement to pro-tips to critiques, this week has been both overwhelming and awesome.

Prong #2: Learn how to write a query.
For me writing a query is beyond intimidating. Writing the novel? Editing said novel? I sorta get that. Sorta. Please understand, I'm not saying I'm good at it, just that I can wrap my brain-brain around it. 

The query? Not so much. I sent out eight queries in October. Of the eight, I received one partial request, six rejections, and one non-response. Honestly? I know they aren't the best statistic, but that partial not only shocked me, but felt goooood. Let me have my n00b moment, people! 

I know the query needs to be reworked.  Most importantly, I know I need to man-up(*puts on big girl pants*), ask for help (*gulps*), and get to work(*stares at computer screen*). 

Easier said than done, no doubt. Hand holding is going to be key to surviving this. Funny, how ya have to ask for the hand holding, isn't it? *winks*

Prong #3: Look into self-publishing.
This is a new venture for me, because frankly, I've always focused on traditional publishing. Why? Maybe the better question is, why start thinking about it now? This could open up a huge can of worms, so I will keep this as short and sweet as possible.

My reason for wanting to publish traditionally is simple: it's what you do, right? I mean, you write a book, you search for an agent, you get a publishing house to back you, and you're an author. Since I was a kid that's been my secret goal in life. It's not about money or fame or any of that other stuff. If I'm honest, part of it is about proving I'm good enough to get published, that there is someone out there willing to take a chance on lil ole me. Not sure what that says about me, but it is what it is.

Over the last year, I've had the opportunity to meet some amazing authors, the vast majority self-published, who are creating and producing high quality products that wow me. From start to finish, the buck stops at their doorstep, cover art, deadlines, you name it. My respect for them grows with each passing day. 

Financially, I have always believed self-publishing was beyond my reach. Honestly? It still is.Yet, I've decided to put the money thing aside and really give self-publishing a look-see as an option equal to traditional publishing. I mean, why not?

Because after all this musing and plotting and planning, one simple truth has revealed itself to me.

See, I don't want to be a published author for money or fame. No really. I wouldn't turn down the money, but I'm just looking for enough to buy socks. And even though it would be nice to prove myself, truthfully, who gives a damn? The real goal is to connect with someone through my stories. Just like all my favorite authors have reached out to me, I long to connect with someone, to have them fall in love with my characters-- to cry and laugh and maybe, just maybe, be a better person for it.

So, if that's the goal. 
If that's where I'm heading.
 Who cares HOW it happens? 
Just that it happens.


  1. Exactly! If it happens it happens. And good luck with all this. Hard work will pay off. :)

    1. Missy Bonnie, you are amazeballz!! *HUGS*

  2. W00t W00t!! You go girl!!! We are behind you ... or is that beside you?! Either way, we'll cheer you ON!! xoxo

    1. I vote for in front of me, cause I'll be using you as a human shield. Cool beans? ;)

  3. You can definitely do this!! I've got all the faith in the world that you can do this!!

    And I love that you want to connect with others through your writing. That is the best feeling when you're reading a book. =)

    1. TIT!!! This comment has made MY LIFE! For serious, my life. This is all. YOU ARE BACK!! *HUGS*

  4. YES!! this is a wonderful plan and you know I will be there holding your hand every step of the way! *HUGS*

    1. *sniffles*
      Without you and the mister... I don't know what I'd do.
      #twobrainsonebody SOOOOOOOOOOON.

  5. Ang, I get you! For years I had no idea what step to take after writing the 'book', I'm still no expert, but try these for some ideas on how to get the synopsis and the query right...unfortunately they're both Kindle books, but they're short, so you could read then on your laptop etc, if you haven't a Kindle...


    They've given me the courage to work at that dreaded synopsis and query hell!

    Love and hugs and all that! x

    1. THANK YOU!! I will definitely check out the books. I don't have a Kindle, but I'll figure it out. And just thank you again for always being so. stinkin'. helpful & awesome! *HUGS*


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