Tuesday, April 9, 2013

The Difference A Year Makes (not so much)

Other potential titles for this post include (yet are not limited to):

Things Ang Sorta Does But Not Really
Whaaaaaat? A Year Went By?
Bloggyversary (sorta): Holla!

Waaaaaaait for it:

this is my new favorite thing in life
That's right, ladies and gents, just shy of 14 months ago I closed up shop on a wee blog I'd been running for three years (give or take), quit my two year stint as a bookworm, said goodbye to the cuters (*bows head in a moment of silence, pours a shot of Jack on the ground*), and started out on a new endeavor, one in which I threw off my super secret ways and attempted to be less... well, super secret.

I was pumped, a ball of nerves ready to take on the world one story at a time.

And then life was all:

 And I was all:

And this lil bloggy took a backseat.

Honestly, rightly so. I regret nothing. In the last year, whilst I've been emo in the corner on the world wide web, I've been focusing on being here not just for my family and friends, but for me.

However, as I crawl out of the corner, dust myself off, and blinking step into the sun I realize just how much I've missed alllll the kool kids in my puter and this wee little blog.

Despite the silence over the last year, I *heart* blogging and I *heart* YOU. To those who've just signed on (*fist-bumps*) and those who've stuck by me throughout the last year or years (*extra big squeezy hugs*)  I'd like to say:

Thank you for stopping by, reading my silliness, 
commenting, emailing, tweeting, emoting, lurking, and allll the thing-ings. 
Your kindness and thoughtfulness over the last 14 months 
is not only appreciated but detrimental
and I am ever so grateful. 

In summation:


p.s. Mayhaps next year I shall remember on time. On second thought, that would break with tradition, so I'm thinking naw.


  1. so glad to have stumbled upon your little blog and become twitter friends :)

    1. I am totally just as happy!! We've got a bright future, my friend! Whelp, as long as we see eye to eye on Clockwork Princess, that is! *scrunchie face* <-- no really I made a scrunchie face at you, it was cute yet stylish and all sorts of teasy

      Annnnnd I'll stop there.

  2. *runs in & tosses confetti sparkles* LOVE YOU BESTIE!

    1. I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!!
      And have I told you late how beeeeautiful me lil blog is and how I will NEVER change it. Well, maybe one day I'll make it green and call it the green lil blog that could. Oh, wait. ;)

  3. Quit being emo in the corner, Ang. Geeeeezzeeee. *hugs* :D

    1. Yes ma'am!! Captain Emo no more! I shall be The Party Princess!! Yes, princess damn it! *HUGS*


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