Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Ang Can Has Newsletter!

Do you like exclusive author giveaways and content?
How about book recs and heads ups on the hip-hop happenings?
Fancy yourself a lover of shenanigans and awkward?
Then look no further than 
Angela Lynn's monthly author-ly newsletter*
starting in August.
There will be lame jokes.
Awesome prizes.
Pre-release content. 
And alllll the oddball rambling
 you've come to expect from Angela Lynn.
What are you waiting for?
Signup today!

Bonus: Everyone who signs up for the newsletter by July 31, 2017 
will be entered into an exclusive newsletter only 
All The What Ifs paperback giveaway.
Giveaway winner will be announced in the August newsletter!

*Angela Lynn solemnly swears to only clutter up
 your inbox with her newsletter once a month. 
She will keep said newsletters short and sweet
 while filling them with shenanigans. 

Because honestly, 
what's life without a little nonsense to look forward to?