Monday, April 15, 2019

On My E-reader: The Raven's Wing

This month's On My E-reader pick is the irreplaceable, larger than life Michael Wombat's The Raven's Wing. A man of many yawns and Sunday Pix on Twitter, Wombat is engaging and entertaining. When he published The Raven's Wing, I snatched it up faster than you can say, well, wombat. Let me tell you why!
Book Description: They say you should follow your dreams. They never tell you what to do when the dreams start following you.

The year is 1322. Minstrel John has enough on his plate with his wife's funeral. He could do without the naked woman who keeps forcing her way into his dreams, the angel dropping skulls in the village church, the stranger that attacks him for no reason, and the sexy, one-eyed, fire-dancer who is after only one thing - his music. Then there are the voices in his head, compelling him to investigate a mystery that just keeps on growing.

Based on a true story, this is not history, this is the 14th century as experienced by those who lived there, and who saw it as the leading edge of time. As John discovers, demons and magic can be very real.

Reasons I bought it: Aside from the aforementioned Twitter stalking, his love of gimlets, and the yawns? Let's talk covers! This one is an eye-catcher. And the tagline "a medieval adventure" had me at hello. Moving beyond that, the description is unique and filled with so much potential for a hardy laugh and mind-blowing intrigue. The real question would be: WHY WOULDN'T I BUY THIS? I'm looking forward to enjoying this magic in the very near future.

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