Tuesday, June 18, 2013

JuNoWriMo Update #2: Of Broke Blinds & Sore Wrists

Whelp. Week one and two of JuNoWriMo were night and day, my friends. If you'll take a trip down memory lane with me, week one looked a wee bit liiiiiike:

Week two, on the other hand, went a little somethang somethang like:
The moral of the story:

I don't know much, but I know I love you and that may be alllll there is to know... *AWKward*

Any-who. What I do know is week three is in full swing and I haven't written since Friday. Funny thing is, I'm okay. Truly. Truly. No freaking out. No stress. No OMG I AM NEVER GONNA DO IT!! EVERYONE ELSE IS SO AMAZING AND I'M A COMPLETE FAILURE!! WHY?!?!?!

Instead, I'm just straight up happy with my progress and excited to write all the things. Forward movement, my friends. That's the real goal.

JuNoWriMo progress to date: 
  • Words written during week #1: 1267
  • Words written during week  #2: 14966
  • Total word count: 16233
  • Words left to write: 33767
  • To reach the goal, I must write 2597 words a day. 
Annnd on that note:
Happy Writing, y'all!
See ya on the flippy-flop.

Monday, June 10, 2013

JuNoWriMo Update #1: Lost Words & Board Games

Plain and simple, the first nine days of JuNoWriMo kicked my butt. I knew they would. I shall make no excuses. We all have busy lives. We all struggle to juggle writing and family and jobs and laundry and eating and peeing and all the thing-ings.

And we all face setbacks: corrupt files, lost words, unfixable plot holes, depression, doubt, lack of passion, lack of confidence, lack of knowing what the heck we are even doing.

However, the last nine days were not a total loss. In fact, I believe I got more out of them than if I'd written all the words  (okay. so. writing all the words would have been AWESOME. but. we are looking for the positive, people. thus. HUMOR ME!).

Over the last nine days, I was once again reminded how gracious and fabulous this writing community is. We are a team-- holding each other up when need be, cracking the whip when we are lazy and distracted, giving advice and encouragement and support without a second thought. We are not competing, but traversing the stormy and unpredictable writerly road together, dolling out high-fives and hugs to all who travel along side us.

This reminder is why I will not allow myself to give up, but instead remember I'm apart of something bigger, something brighter, something good.

I'm apart of a community who dares to believe in the impossible, who dreams of things both lovely and frightening. A community that is opinionated and motivated and emo and ranty and caring and naive and seasoned and goofy-- a mixed bag of nuts willing to seek out their dreams even though rejection is nigh. A group of people who include all regardless of their popularity or connections, but based on their love of writing and their willingness to participate. 

How can I resist such a community and their call to WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!? Thus, I shall continue on this insane road and attempt to write 50,000 words this month. Will I be able to pull it off? Only time will tell, but I've got a good feeling it won't matter if I do or don't, because I've already gained so much.

Sappy naive post over and out!

My JuNoWriMo Progress:

  • Words written: 1267
  • Words lost in the great don't know how to save on a Mac debacle of '13: 1267
  • Words left to write: 48733 (cause lost or not, those words count, my friends!) 
  • To reach the goal, I must write 2321 words a day.