All The What Ifs
book one in richmond high series
release date: December 3, 2015
Ashley Morgan is trapped. She’s spent the last three years of high school being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps. It’s a future she’s unsure of. Yet she tries her hardest to avoid her father’s disapproval while keeping the peace for her high-strung mother and autistic brother. Whenever her fears fester, Ashley works harder.

At the start of her senior year, Ashley reluctantly joins ACT an after-school community service club that is in disarray. The members argue. The advisor sleeps. And Lucas Malone, the club’s president, conjures unwanted memories of freshman year and his disastrous attempt to ask her to homecoming.

Ashley tries to remain uninvolved, but with each success in ACT she gains the confidence to face her future. She sets in motion plans that force her to choose between the bright future her father's mapped out or an unknown path of her own design. When the moment comes to make her choice, she’s plagued with doubt, because what if … she gets it all wrong?

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Editorial Reviews: 
Reading this book made me want to love again, fearlessly, as if I were seventeen and the boy of my dreams had just pulled me into his arms for the first time, and the only thing in the world that mattered was the two of us. ... Thank you, Angela Lynn, for writing a book that made me feel so deeply and remember so well a time in my life when I was free of my wounds. ~ USA Today Best Selling author of The Seal Island Trilogy & Wind Chime series Sophie Moss 
Sophie Moss's full review can be found here.

A gorgeous, quirky coming-of-age tale about conquering your fears. I loved it. ~ SJI Holliday author of Black Wood 

All the What Ifs is the kind of book that sticks with you. It gets inside your brain and heart and the main character, Ashley, takes up residence there. [...] In fact, my favorite thing about All the What Ifs is that Ashley is more than what has happened to her–this is HER story. She makes the transition from being passive and going along with her father’s plans for her life to an active creator of her own destiny. Whether one has experienced abuse or not, that is an empowering message. ~ Jessica Grey author of Attempting Elizabeth and the Fairy Tale series
Jessica Grey's full review can be found here.

This is a tale that demands your attention as the protagonist fights her demons and begins to discover her own dreams. [...] Ashley’s discovery of self and all the firsts that come her way are delightful, and her beautifully honest first love will tug at your heart. Humour, honesty and some true moments of joy will beguile you, and you’ll be as keen as I am to read more from this author after this lovingly crafted debut. ~ Lisa Shambrook author of the Hope Within Novels

Ashley Morgan's senior year plays out before us in a slice-of-life panorama as we follow her transformation from regimented daughter to confident young woman. This is a journey as endearing and witty as its author, and sure to leave you impatient for more from Angela Lynn. ~ Ruth Long author of In Creeps the Night 
Ruth Long's full review can be found here.

Though a story about a young woman trapped in a life not of her choosing, this is really a universal tale of fear, uncertainty, and the future. Angela Lynn's debut novel is one which will compel you to think about your choices and who you want to be. ~ Eric Martell author of And the World Fell Asleep

Author Interviews:

Angie Richmond interviewed Angela Lynn about All The What Ifs and writing the book in a Creative Profile.

coming soon
Of Lies and Zombies
book two in richmond high series
release date: spring 2018

Of Lies and Zombies

From the author of All The What Ifs comes the next novel in the Richmond High companion series: Of Lies and Zombies.

A story about grandmas, cookies, and zombies...sort of.

 Katie Bell has a plan: the ‘Epic Summer of Epicness Before Senior Year' plan. There will be late night parties with her best friend Trevor and Grandma Frankie’s Chunky Monkey Chocolate Chip Cookies for breakfast. And maybe, just maybe, she’ll run into her nameless savior from Feldman’s party. Things she will be avoiding: her estranged father and workaholic mother.

 Katie has a golden rule: when life gets too real avoid it by lying. But on the last day of junior year, when the lies won't stick and reality closes in, she is forced to run as far and as fast as she can straight into oddly familiar Logan. When Logan asks Katie to help him film a zombie movie, Katie jumps at the chance.

Because Katie’s got a new plan: the ‘Avoid Reality at ALL Costs' plan.

Unfortunately, reality doesn’t play by Katie’s rules.

 All new All The What Ifs bonus chapter included.