Thursday, June 28, 2012

an emo post

Hey, so yeah...

I've been thinking about this post for a week now.
You know the post--
blah blah blah life
blah blah blah emo
blah blah blah drama queen

It's the sorta post that says nothing 
but means everything.

It doesn't say,
hey I've been extremely sad of late,
what it does says is 
I've been dealing with some stuff.

It doesn't say,
the thought of being social right now overwhelms me,
what it does says is
hey I might not be around for a wee bit.

It doesn't say,
not being around makes me feel like a loser,
what it does says is
hey, I'm sorry
and I hope y'all can forgive me. 

 It doesn't say,
three months ago today my dad died and I just feel off,
what it does says is
I miss you all.

Maybe that's the most important part of the post?
So here it is,
the I'm gonna slip into a lil cocoon
and rest my head for a wee bit longer post.
Not too long.
Just long enough
 to grieve,
to think,
to heal.

But the whole time I'll be missing you.
Yes you.
Because we're friends, you and I.
And that's oh so important to me.