Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Reset With Lizzie Bennet

Whelp. The post I started writing this morning was depressing, to say the least.

Imagine more snot and less plaid.
Thus, I feel for karma and sparkles and sprinkles and all things good for the soul, I must hit the reset button and blog something fun, silly, and completely pointless, which is pretty much my bloggy motto, but whatevs.

Let us begin:

For the last month or so, our computer (William the Bloody, for those of you wondering) has been a douche-canoe-- restarting mid writing, refusing to connect to the webernet, being slower than a slug, and, in general, being a jerkface. We needed a new 'puter like last year, but four kids and the desire to own our very own building to call home makes buying or building a new computer not the brightest of ideas. The mister worked his voodoo magic in an effort to make The Bloody last a wee bit longer, but unfortunately, our Word Docs disk has decided it wants to play hide and seek. And it's winning.

Long story short, I have no way to write nor can I access the stories I was writing. I KNOW! The circus story of ridiculousness is crying out to be finished, not to mention, Of Lies & Zombies need be started, and lest we not forget, the never ending clean up of Fluff & Nonsense!!

What's a girl to do when her fingers itch to write, yet she has no outlet?! How, oh HOW, can she survive?!?!?! *llama drama moment*

Welllll, I have been reading a weeeee bit. Okay, maybe more than a wee bit. And there are crafts and laundry and, ya know, general boring life stuff. However is that enough to take the edge off? HECK NO!

Never fear, my friends, the best, she done took care of me. How? She distracted my inner-teen with a shiny new obsession! I shall explain with a picture, but of course.

All right, I know this pic (not really a pic more of a gif) makes no sense to some of you. I meant to use another one, but alas the siren call of the afore-posted wonderment was too much to resist. Let's try this again.
Nope. Mayhaps one more time? 
Fourth times a charm?
There we go! That's right, my friends! Pride & Prejudice has been turned into a web series. And it is kick-arse. The best has been fan-girling about it for months and shame on me (!!) for not ditching my life sooner to catch up on this awesomeness. I have not only watched all 85 episodes plus caught up on the Twitter shenanigans and Lydia's videos and the new Pemberley Digital videos and started lurking on Tumlbr looking at all the amazingness, but I have started rewatching the episodes from the beginning (after watching a few favorites, but of course).

I could try to review this series, but I know I'd fail. I could go on and on about supporting indie artist of all shapes and sizes, but I'm not the preachy type. I could wax poetic about the creativity of the show and how they have nailed (in my humble opinion) making P & P modern while still maintaining the original story, but you don't want to read that. And I could go on for a year about the talented actresses and actors who have brought this series to life, not to mention, the writers, producers, and director, but I ain't no film critic.

However, what I will say is this, for those of you who are P & P fans or who've always wanted to read the book but just haven't found the time, I say cease and desist what you are doing right now, click here, and bask in the wonderment. 

But be warned!
No. No they don't.


  1. oh I'm going to have to wait until I have more time to click that link....

    ......but I will!

    1. DO IT!!!
      For real, I just got ridiculously excited!

  2. He he, heard of it, but not seen it! And...oh, how I wish you could just kiss that computer better! Computers and cars...the bane of my life, but essential...
    Lots of hugs x

    1. I want a typewrite more than words could ever express. I know in this day and age it is completely impractical, but still, why can't we just go back in time, eh?

      *jumps up and down spastic-ly*

  3. I've never heard of it but LOVE P&P, so I will be tuning in this weekend to see some of that fabulousness!!

    Thank you for such a fun post!! :) xoxo

    1. YESsSsSsSsSsSSssss!!!!
      This makes my life!
      And I should be thanking you for reading my silly post and jamming with me this morning.
      xoxo right back at ya.


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