Friday, January 11, 2013

i can haz blog

While I have done a wee bit of writing and editing the last week or so (wip: the circus story o' ridiculousness, by the by), the majority of my time has been spent reading and crafting. Feast your eyes upon the wonder o' wonders.

1. Alllll the craft supplies in the world.
2. Wreath One, which you can find the instructions for here.
3. Wreath Two (& Three), which you can find the instructions for here.
4. Books, books, & more books, including (but not limited to)
5. (not pictured) Tamales, cause they be in my tummy, butofcourse.

The writing plan is simple. I'm gearing up for the big write, but first I'm trying to let my mind settle and let the story fill out in places. Meanwhile, I'm also planning on jumping back on the query horse (God Save the Queen). However, there will be more on that (and my progress) in the not too distant future.

Mainly, I want to share the adorableness of the new wreaths and throw up a few books and oh hell, in all honesty, I just need to get back on the blogging horse and I have no clue what to blog about so, yeah... books, crafts, and tamales are what ya get. You're welcome, my friends.


  1. Photo #2...very you! I thought of making wreathes at Christmas, but just never got round to it! I always plan Christmas crafts, but get lost in the run up!

    1. Apparently, I've decided to make all the wreaths this year. I made a few for Christmas and plan on making one for Easter. Cause, ya know, I have all the time in the world. *rolls eyes*

  2. It's great to have you back blogging! I feel like I am in a similar blogging/writing black hole and have also been crafting as an excuse for not writing or reading - really must get back to the word stuff...
    ...but for now it is Saturday night here, almost nine o'clock, I'm going to get get my PJs on and sit on the sofa and start watching Once Upon A Time - got the box set for Christmas. And while I watch I can knit - hooray! What a wild and crazy life I lead - hehehe! xx

    1. YAY Once Upon a Time!!!

      And at least the crafting thing is productive right? We could be staring at walls? Wait, sometimes I do that too...

  3. Reached by Ally Condie looks like a big one! I still have to read the 2nd one though ... Matched? Or is that the first one. Dunno. Too lazy to check. I really liked the first one but disliked all mention of it being practically identical to The Giver (which I haven't read so can't form my own personal opinion on this) but still turned me off from reading the rest of the series. Maybe one of these days I'll read The Giver and then do a compare contrast type thing. :)

    1. Okay, The Giver series is nothing like Matched. I'm on book four and I guess I can see the comparison in the first book yet they don't hold up once you hit the second book. And you could also compare Fahrenheit 451 to The Giver, so I'm not sure why people would have a hang up about Matched if they didn't also point out The Giver's similarities to Fahrenheit.

      Again, there are no truly original stories and I believe one gets into trouble when they start comparing books in the sense of originality. I feel I owe every author a clean slate and try my hardest to simply enjoy their story and not pick it apart too much. There are few books I've hated on and I normally keep that too myself, cause I understand it's all my perspective and as a writer I'd like my stories to be respected even if someone hated them too.

      I'm not sure this rambling makes sense, the whole time my son has been begging for lunch. fin.


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