Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Now This Is All Me

Excuse me whilst I put on a lil mood music.

 *sings along with song::
  lights turn on and dark turns outside,
blindside, dream big, you're next in line, it's plain
now this is all me, now this is all me*

Well, hey there.
I bet you're asking yourself,
Self, what's Ang up to?
And why the dance party?

Truth be told, 
every day is a dance party 'round here,
on this day,
 I have a most excellent reason for 
flailing about like a loon.
I have officially finished my third draft of Fluff & Nonsense.
Lines have been edited,
characters have been straightened out,
plot holes ain't so holey,
adverbs have been cut ruthlessly,
dialogue tags are respectable saids & askeds,
in general,
it be a book.
What's up next?
Well, good ole Ang here,
(and you always know someone means 
bizness when they break out in the third person speak)
needs to put on her big girl pants,
write a few query letters,
and *gulps*
send them out to agents.

I know I'm heading toward rejection.
Don't take that statement the wrong way.
It's a fact. I will be rejected.
I'm actually looking forward to it.
I'm ready to earn my battle scars.
Ready to see if I'm one crap-shoot away from winning big. 

I also know my wee lil story isn't perfect.
More edits will be made.
More of my soul, time, and energy shall be poured into it.
But I think after a year of writing,
a year filled with the good, the bad, and the ugly,
it's time to take a leap of faith 
and see if we can cap this year off with a bang.
*crosses fingers*
For now,
please excuse me whilst I dance.
And feel free to join me!
*tosses sprinkles & sparkles in the air*


  1. this makes my heart crazy happy!
    *dances with the bestie*

    1. best, I love you so much it hurts. And I'm ever so grateful for all you do and all your encouragement and last minute reading and alllll the things. ALL OF THEM and so much more. *hugs*

  2. Go for it...even rejections are 'win win' they're there for us to climb over, refine and make us better! All my fingers crossed for you! x

    1. *high fives* Keep those fingers crossed nice and tight, my friend. Because things are about to get real real! And thank you for the encouragement. It means oh so very much!


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