Monday, May 14, 2012

The Lucky Seven Meme

Hey howdy hey, party people.
Just shy of a month ago
the loveliness that is Angie Richmond
of Write Me Happy tagged me in a meme post.
My motto in life is better late than never,
so let's get this party started, shall we?!

Here's how the meme works:

Go to page 7 or 77 of your current MS/WIP
Go to line 7
Copy down the next 7 lines, sentences or paragraphs and post them as they are written.
Tag 7 authors and let them know.
 Since I am all about loving the one your with,
I've decided to post an excerpt from a story I wrote
just last Friday based on a dream I had a few weeks ago.
I decided to do seven paragraphs.
p.s. This is barely editing and smack dab in the middle of a scene.
Have fun.

Darcy and Gideon—unable to see more than a foot in front of them—shuffled down the steep stairs, testing each step as they descended into the darkness. The weight of Violet on her back pressed into Darcy and she feared tripping. The end of the staircase brought them to a doorway made of dirt, rocks, and tree roots. They walked through the threshold and entered a cavern. The ground and walls were made of packed earth. Roots and stones jutted out of the walls. The scent of decaying vegetation filled the space and made it hard to breath.  Dust filled Darcy’s nose and mouth. She glanced above her and stifled a scream.  A man and woman hung from the ceiling. The man dressed in a tux complete with gloves and a top hat. The woman wore a long gown of white shredded at the hem. Their feet were bare. Skeletal in appearance, their glowing faces were as sharp and angular as the mysterious man the children had followed.

“They are the guardians,” the man said gaining Darcy’s attention.

“The guardians of what?” she asked.

“Of this world and the next,” he said. With a sweep of his arm a door appeared in the wall of the cavern. “They have agreed to allow you four children entrance, but they have rules you must abide by.”

“Rules?” Darcy asked.

“You are not to eat or drink anything beyond this door,” the man said.

“But how will we…” Gideon began.
Annnnnd time! 
Now onto the fun part.
*rubs hands together*
Alright, folks!
Ready. Steady.

  1. Mindy Sue
  2. Lisa Shambrook
  3. Meg McNulty
  4. Jessica Grey
  5. Sarah
  6. Kerry Freeman
  7. Laura Huntley


  1. The start of a mysterious YA fairytale it seems! The Guardians are fabulously sinister. Thanks for tagging me! My post is up!

    1. No problem!!! I'm so glad you like it. The guardians are super creepy. When I woke up from my dream I was totally freaked out in the most awesome way.

      Annnd I am off to check your post now! THANK YOU!!

  2. Love it Ang! I want to hear more...(I want to know more about Violet, I'm in the middle of a fantasy adventure and the youngest of my children involved is the one who causes the most trouble!)
    Thanks for the tag! Mine is linked here:

    1. What ya don't know is there is another child, and infant in fact, that Gideon is holding. And I do so *heart* Violet. She was totes causing trouble for most of this story. At this point, she'd finally passed out.

      And now I'm off to read yours! THANK YOU for joining in!!

  3. This is the start of something wonderful!! I must know more about the grisly guardians and what is beyond the door!!

    1. They are pretty grisly. I need to do them more credit, but I wrote this is a mad dash of inspiration in between picking up the lils from school. I have a few ideas of what's going on, but the brain-brain needs to simmer.

      So glad you enjoyed it! *hugs*

  4. OH man! How could you end it there?! LOL great work :)

    1. Cause that's where I had to end! Plus, I'm sorta evil. ;)


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