Saturday, December 3, 2016

happy birthday is happy

Today is All The What Ifs first birthday!
And it marks another awesome author milestone for yours truly!
This year has been filled with firsts for my debut novel.
First book sold.
First review written.
First time seeing my book in a library.
First time signing a copy of my book.
First time someone told me 
they stayed up allllll night long so they could finish the book.
First giveaway.
First button pack made.
And so so many more.

And it would be IMPOSSIBLE without the support 
of my awesome readers and reviewers!
Without you NONE of this would be possible.
Without you this year filled with milestones and achievements would be nothing.
I wish I could give each and every one of you a huge squeezy hug!!
Thank you.
Thank you.
from the tip of my toes to the bottom of my nose.
When I published All The What Ifs I had no clue what would happened.
Would the book get lost in the shuffle?
Would readers hate it?
Would they even give us a chance?

To those of you who gave us a chance: thank you.
To those of you who shared how much you enjoyed the book: thank you.
To those of you who helped keep All The What Ifs 
from getting lost in the shuffle: THANK YOU!
You made this year possible.
And I will always and forever be grateful.


p.p.s. have i expressed how grateful i am?
p.p.p.s. cause i truly truly am.

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