Thursday, December 31, 2015

It's an All The What Ifs giveaway!

Today my debut YA novel All The What Ifs is four-weeks-old! 
So let's have a giveaway in her honor!


Ashley Morgan is trapped. She’s spent the last three years of high school being groomed to follow in her father’s footsteps. It’s a future she’s unsure of. Yet she tries her hardest to avoid her father’s disapproval while keeping the peace for her high-strung mother and autistic brother. Whenever her fears fester, Ashley works harder.

At the start of her senior year, Ashley reluctantly joins ACT an after-school community service club that is in disarray. The members argue. The advisor sleeps. And Lucas Malone, the club’s president, conjures unwanted memories of freshman year and his disastrous attempt to ask her to homecoming.

Ashley tries to remain uninvolved, but with each success in ACT she gains the confidence to face her future. She sets in motion plans that force her to choose between the bright future her father's mapped out or an unknown path of her own design. When the moment comes to make her choice, she’s plagued with doubt, because what if … she gets it all wrong?

There are three prize packages up for grabs:

Prize One: 1 signed paperback copy of All The What Ifs with a set of pins
Prize Two: 1 eBook copy of All The What Ifs with a set of pins
Prize Three: 1 set of All The What Ifs pins

Enter via the Rafflecopper below by Friday, January 8th at 12 PM PST.
Winners will be announced that afternoon.
This contest is open in the U.S.A. & internationally!
Good luck to all!


  1. Congratulations, Ang! I hope I win! I love free stuff but I love free books even more. This one looks like one I will enjoy.


    1. Yay! Free books are the bestest. Good luck! =)

  2. Got the eBook...can't wait to read it! Love you, Ang!

  3. Love everything about it: the storyline, the cover, the pins..thanks for the chance, Angela.

  4. Loooove those pins! I need them in my life!

  5. Congratulations my crazy, sweet friend! I'm very proud of you and your success is muchly deserved! I hope I win an autographed copy so when you're a big, famous author I could be all "I knew her when and look what I got, bitches!"

  6. Hey Angela :)
    Can't wait to read your book!
    Love, the other Jessica on twitter


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