Tuesday, July 9, 2013

When In Doubt Call In The Professionals!

If you've known me for any length of time you might have noticed one of my life mottoes is:


While there are benefits to this type of thinking, there are also a multitude of drawbacks, including but not limited to flailing, screaming, hair pulling, foaming at the mouth, and, in general, chaos.
Now, I'm not knocking chaos. As the mother of four, my wheelhouse is insanity. However, when one is in search of their dreams, Crazy Town might be a good starting point, but remaining there ain't the best plan.

If I'm honest, Crazy Town is my home address. I like it here. It's comfy. Over the last year and a half-ish, I've entrenched myself in doubt, fear, hair pulling, mouth foaming, and loooots of screaming. I'm realizing I need to reign in a wee bit of the chaos. I need a lil rhyme and reason. Thus, it's time I've said:

But how?

I've felt helpless, lost, and stalled for a while now (hell, if I'm honest, for most of my *adult* life), yet the desire to DO SOMETHING has been strong. Even stronger is my desire to write and work toward publication. I long to make my dream a reality. The simple truth is:

I canNOT do it alone. 
I did NOT write my novel alone.
It has NOT been made stronger alone. 
And I WILL NOT get it published alone. 
These are facts.
Not me being emo or silly or jaded.

So, I've called in a professional (God help her!) and procured meself:

Who be said life coach?
This is me basking in the awesome that is Angie, by the by.
Some of you are well versed in the awesomeness that is Angie. Other's might find her name familiar as I have often sang her praises here on the blog. For those who have not met Angie, I shall give you this warning: you ARE a breath away from falling in love. #truth

Over the next month, my plan is to soak up all the goodness I can from Angie and I do so promise to share my journey here on the blog. We started last Thursday and already I have SO MUCH to report! 

From why I chose to work with a life coach to what I've learned about myself along the way, I pinkie promise to keep these posts honest giving the good, the bad, and the not so GRRREEEEAT! 

I KNOW Angie can't fix me. I KNOW Angie can't get my novel published. BUT what I do know is that if I am WILLING to work hard and learn from her EVERYTHING I can over the next month then I WILL be all that closer to achieving my goal. 

How sweeeeet the sound!
Ya dig!


All About Angie Richmond:
A self proclaimed creative, I divide my time between writing, blogging, reading and creating art. My formal education in psychology combined with my desire to help others find the career they love, has led me to explore a career in coaching. I love hockey, adore all things British and can be found singing and dancing in my kitchen while making dinner. I live with my incredibly talented, drum-playing husband, Brandon in Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada. (taken from website

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  1. YAY! Angie is amazing. I've been fortunate to have her as my coach for awhile now.

    I HEART her amazing skills. And yes, I felt a little bit like Wendy with the pixiedust too ;)

    Go for it, Ang!

    1. When I saw that gif I KNEW it was perfection!
      Angie has been such an inspiration over the last year.
      I truly feel blessed & like I'm heading in a new & exciting direction!


  2. This is fantastic post...Angie will be amazing for you, her blog is so full of great advice!
    Go for everything Ang!! :D

    1. You are amazing, Lisa!!! *HUGS*


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