Monday, June 10, 2013

JuNoWriMo Update #1: Lost Words & Board Games

Plain and simple, the first nine days of JuNoWriMo kicked my butt. I knew they would. I shall make no excuses. We all have busy lives. We all struggle to juggle writing and family and jobs and laundry and eating and peeing and all the thing-ings.

And we all face setbacks: corrupt files, lost words, unfixable plot holes, depression, doubt, lack of passion, lack of confidence, lack of knowing what the heck we are even doing.

However, the last nine days were not a total loss. In fact, I believe I got more out of them than if I'd written all the words  (okay. so. writing all the words would have been AWESOME. but. we are looking for the positive, people. thus. HUMOR ME!).

Over the last nine days, I was once again reminded how gracious and fabulous this writing community is. We are a team-- holding each other up when need be, cracking the whip when we are lazy and distracted, giving advice and encouragement and support without a second thought. We are not competing, but traversing the stormy and unpredictable writerly road together, dolling out high-fives and hugs to all who travel along side us.

This reminder is why I will not allow myself to give up, but instead remember I'm apart of something bigger, something brighter, something good.

I'm apart of a community who dares to believe in the impossible, who dreams of things both lovely and frightening. A community that is opinionated and motivated and emo and ranty and caring and naive and seasoned and goofy-- a mixed bag of nuts willing to seek out their dreams even though rejection is nigh. A group of people who include all regardless of their popularity or connections, but based on their love of writing and their willingness to participate. 

How can I resist such a community and their call to WRITE ALL THE WORDS!!? Thus, I shall continue on this insane road and attempt to write 50,000 words this month. Will I be able to pull it off? Only time will tell, but I've got a good feeling it won't matter if I do or don't, because I've already gained so much.

Sappy naive post over and out!

My JuNoWriMo Progress:

  • Words written: 1267
  • Words lost in the great don't know how to save on a Mac debacle of '13: 1267
  • Words left to write: 48733 (cause lost or not, those words count, my friends!) 
  • To reach the goal, I must write 2321 words a day.


  1. YAY - HIGH FIVE to you - just keep writing.

    Meanwhile in my world, I'm stuck on chapter 5, or did I just finish that? Maybe I'm up to chapter 6 but I'm getting behind on my self imposed schedule, real life is over-taking me and I'm feeling demoralised.

    But your words always cheer me up and let me know I'm not alone.

    I loved these words of wisdom today...

    "We are not competing, but traversing the stormy and unpredictable writerly road together, dolling out high-fives and hugs to all who travel along side us."

    Big HUG to you my fellow traveller, keep safe in the storm! xxx

    1. I think the hardest part as a writer is not comparing yourself to others or having too high of expectations of yourself.

      I know I often feel like I've been doing this forEVER now (or at least if feels that way) so why am I still struggling? Why does every step feel like I'm walking through molasses!?!

      But then, I pull myself out of the funk and remind myself I write NOT to impress, but because I love it. And I shouldn't compare myself, my pace, or my style with other writers cause I'm not them and they ain't me and that's a GOOD thing. Cause if we all did things the same, we'd all be writing the same old boring stories, and what's the fun in that?!

      I say, don't worry about the chapters or a schedule and simply write when you can, and when you can, write what you love, and don't worry about all that other jazz.

      And this is my expert, barely one cup off coffee ramblings. *facepalm*

      In the end:

  2. Keep on truckin' my dear, dear AWESOME Ang! ;)

      Dude. I still owe you an email!

  3. You can do it! Yay! *Cheerleader mode*

    Like Sarah said, that sentence is wonderful...and true!!

    1. THANK YOU!!!!
      *grabs pom poms & joins you in the dizzy dance*

  4. The writing community, both online and off, is filled with some of the most amazing people I ever met. Glad to be a part of it and to include you in as well, Ang. And yeah... writing itself is hard, but that's why we're so much stronger together than apart.

    Three Cheers For WRITERS! Hip, Hip , HOORAY!


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