Friday, March 16, 2012

Five for Friday

It's Friday.
This week's been a week.
Let's sum it up, shall we?

1. This week in the Twitter-dom.
Dasia continues to make my heart happy with her wonderment:

Rachel and I continue our quests for WORLD DOMINATION, which works hand in hand with Marie, Kim, and I'z plan for galactic domination.
Keep the hashtag alive!

Daniel starts the Tea Corruptors Guild with Sara and I.
We are accepting applications.

I learned of Anna's #tweetofdoom, which frankly both excited and scared the hell out of me.
p.s. I missed said #tweetofdoom
Frankly, I'm not sure my heart can handle such a tweet.
For now, I think I'll let the anticipation continue to build.

Annnnnnd lastly, the bestie approved of my reading adventures.
Isn't she adorable?! 
Want in on a not so super secret? 
that sounded way creepier than I intended. 
Moving along. 

2. This week in reading.
Speaking of reading,
I read:
A Million Suns is the sequel to Across the Universe
and it is overall a fun times read.
If you like Sci-Fi with a dash of mystery and romance
then I think you just.might.likey.
A quick warning:
It's a little slower than the first book
and I wanted to punch Amy a few times
for doing and saying things that made no sense to me.
Those two things aside,
what I find most exciting about this series is its unique setting.
In Summation: Rent it. Read it. Tell me what ya thunk.

3. This week in meme-thingies.
Just in case ya missed it,
I joined in on Angie Richmond of the blog Write Me Happy
22 Things Creative Change Challenge.
I encourage y'all to check it out and join in.
I have a good feelin' 'bout this one.  
If you are interested,
you can find my list here.

4. This week in writing.
I wrote my first ever fairy or faerie or whatever story.
 It's just shy of 4,000 words and it made my heart happy.
In fact, the only reason I wrote it 
was for the aforementioned
happy heart.
It was amazeballz--
the writing,
possibly the story too.

5. This week in things that made me smile.
And finally, this week was one for the record books, 
in which I received epically bad news 
and was in desperate need of some funniez. 
The interweb always doth provide.

 Keep your noses clean 
and your toes jam free, my friends.
Until next week,
I'll see ya on the flippy flop.

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  1. Thanks for the mention. Sounds like a wonderful week :)


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