Friday, March 2, 2012

Five for Friday

Between watching too much CNN and the insane pollen count,
my head is all swirlly twirlly and unable to catch hold of a concrete thought.
I don't know about y'all, but after the last week I could use a lil silly.

It's Friday.
I've got some thoughts.
They normally be silly at best.
Let's give this a try, shall we?

 1. This week in tweets that make my heart happy.

These are in no particular order
for there is no possible way I could rate them.
I just... I don't even... You just became my hero.
As the author of The Novel Hidden in my Closet I get it,
I truly do.
Greta Maloney
Evil Hammy ftw!
Wonderment-- plain and simple.

p.s. Jen later shared that whilst eating his pancakes
Mr. Somerhalder looked like this:
Picture borrowed from Jen's Pinteres.
I approve.
Most importantly, the bestie approves.

2. This week in WATCH ALL THE THINGS.
Speaking of blue eyed pancake eaters,
this week I watched all of season three of The Vampire Diaries.
 Because you are dying to know
my nonspoilery thoughts on this angst driven mess of a show
about underage teens who drink like sailors
and who are in desperate need of parents,
 here are five:

a. Caroline and Alaric are my favorites.
I'm still trying to figure out how this happened.
b. Elena needs to stop the smokey whisper whine.
Also, she needs to admit she likes being the center of all the things.
This would save time and lives.
c. Bonnie needs to go.
d. Stefan is officially cooler.
e. Damon's hair needs help.

So let it be written, so let it be done.

3. This week in pie.
Coconut Cream Wonderment
On the subject of biting into something delightful,
I made a Coconut Cream Pie.
Yes, it was amazing.
Yes, you too should make it.
Here's the recipe.
Your welcome.

4. This week in READ NONE OF THE THINGS.
On the topic of things not being devoured,
alert the press, my friends,
I have not been read all the things.
source of awesome
 I've been in this weirdy head space.
I can't read.
I just stare at books unsure what to do with them.
It's freaking me out.
For those of you who might not know my crazed skillz of a reader
let me 'splain, a normal week looks something like a book a day.
Don't believe me? Read this post.
Go ahead.
I'll wait for you to get back.
Those of you who know my insanity can stay,
appreciate my pain,
and fix it for the love of all that is holy!!
All the books are waiting, crying out
and I'm all *shrugs*.

5.This week in grasping at straws.
And finally, in the I've run out of interesting things to say category,

fortune cookies are clearly magical.
Always believe 'em, tis my motto.

On that note,
I hope and pray everyone stays safe today!!
I firmly believe the planet it broke.
Maybe we should do something about that...


  1. Squee Dizzle!

    I'm happy to have made your day brighter ;)

    My Top Five this week included:

    1. Wrestling mold of an evil shower curtain.

    2. Watching Real Steel for the upteenth million time.

    3. Finally using up all the mushrooms before they sprouted legs and talked the parsley into taking over the house.

    4. Thankful that my cat Lucky was very lucky when I noticed he ate one of my hair-ties (but gross having to dispose of it)

    and 5. Batten down the Hatches! There's another tornado headed my way. So, with a bit of skill and my son guiding me... I parked my car in the garage ;) (that takes skill lolz)

    1. This is a fan-freaking-tastic five. All but the last. =( No bueno tornado!! Stay clear of Greta's casa or I'll be forced to mess you up! That's right!!

      p.s. You should also include: Had my first best seller out for a week. ;)

    2. The storms went above and below us. TOtally survived and didn't even lose power. (or is it loose? Lose? Luse? YUP! 33 years old and can't spell hahas!)

      SNORTLE de TORTY!! I don't think being ranked over 80K is a best seller lolz! When I get in the tripple digits I'll hip hip.

      And oh yes.... I'll get there muhahahahas! Then they'll all take notice!! And I'll get that movie deal I'm hankering for.

      World domination of course will be next ;)

  2. This post has W.I.N. plastered all over it. It made me giggle. Yup.

    For the love of all things holy, you must read again soon!! Don't make me come all the way over there and talk some sense into you. Or, better yet, maybe you SHOULD make me.

    The tornados are just.... *shudders* Those sirens are no bueno.

  3. I love your favorite tweets! What an awesome idea. And subscribed :)


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