Friday, February 17, 2012

Five for Friday

1. This weeks in socks. 
If pressed to pick my favey fave socks this week
it would be these beauts:

 2. This week's freak out moment.
this showed up on me doorstep:
First thought:
What the hell am I doing?
Quickly followed by:

3. This week in music.

oh. so. very. pretty.
It makes me want to write a story whilst listening to it--
a sad heart-wrenching tale.
The kind I avoid at all costs cause I'll be crying for days on end.
You can follow Jay Brannan here on Twitter.

4. This week in webernet fun.
Anna Meade (@ruanna3) is hosting a
flash fiction contest at Yearning for Wonderland,
which is open till the 20th. Check out the rules here.
I've read a few of the entries and they be delightful.
If not for prior plans this weekend,
I'd join in on all the fun!
 I think you should.
Go. Now.

5. This week in the real world.
My mister and I will be married for thirteen years this Monday.
At times, I can't believe thirteen years have past
and yet it feels as if we've been together forever.
Either way, it makes my heart insanely happy.
It also leaves me speechless...

And that's what I've got.
Happy Friday, one and all.
I'm off to clean shampoo off the bathroom floor.
Three year olds are a blasty blast.


  1. Happy Anniversary! At first, I thought you wrote minister. LOL! Thank God for the three day weekend. I need a break!

  2. yay bestie! you + socks = amazing. and that songs = love. so good.
    have a wonderful anniversary weekend!

  3. It's a little late, but HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!!! =)

    Every time I see socks, buy a pair of socks, or even put on a pair of socks I think of you. It will forever be this way. True story.


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