Friday, February 24, 2012

Five For Friday

I've been sick--
like fever snot unpleasant sick.
Your welcome for sharing.
Let's move on, shall we?
How 'bout this week's Five for Friday?
Fridays are good and five is the best darn number in the world.
I can't see this going anywhere but Awesome Town.
How 'bout you?

1. This week in Greta is awesome.
My good bloggy friend Greta has a debut novel out
and I be sooooofa king excited for her!!
You can find her blog here.
Her Twitter account here.
Her Goodreads's page here.
Annnnnd you can buy her book here, here, here, and here.
What ya waiting for?! 
Check out her awesomeness immediately!!
I'm excited to read it very berry soon.

2. This week in Marie is wonderment.
An amazing friend of mine finally took my advice
and started her own book blog!! 
It's been a long time coming and I'm beyond freak-out-excited.
Marie is one of my go to book recommend-ers.
She's smart. She's witty. She's fun times, no doubt.
Pleasy cheesy check out her blog here and follow her on Twitter here.
You will not regret it!

3. This week in Doctor Who news.
 We be on season four. 
Things be getting cray cray.
My favorite thing about David Tennant,
he's either all CAPS & !!!! or ...
It's bloody brilliant.
You care about this update,
you do my friends,
you just don't know it yet.

4. This week in writing.
There she sits and there she remains.
In fact, I haven't touched good ole 
(Remember that name is copy written, friends.
Again, I apologize for taking the world's greatest 
book title in the history of all the things!)
It's been surprisingly freeing not working on her
and I now completely understand why people 
suggest taking a break after finishing a big project. 
While I'm itching to get back to work,
I've decided to let her simmer until next week,
maybe longer. Who knows?

5. This week in funnies.
I'm sure everyone has already seen this
and the mister has informed me these be going out of style,
but I just can't help myself.
Good. Times.
I'm more of a Fruit Ninja kind of gal.
However, I do love me some bouncing cards.

And that's what I've got.
World defining thoughts, no doubt.
What can I say?
Five for Friday is going to change the world.
Happy Friday to all and to all a relaxing weekend!!
See ya on the flip-flop side.


  1. LMAO! I've never seen that pic thing before about what I really do! I play Minesweeper and throw around a koosh ball lolz!

    Thanks for the Ryder-ific plug!

    Beware of werewolves!

    1. But of course I would plug the Ryder-ific!!! And can I just say for the millionth time how excited I am for you!?!?! YAY GRETA!!!

  2. OMGOSH!!! YAY for you, Greta!!! This has me super excited!!!

    And thanks for the little secret shout-out there, TAT. ;) Couldn't have done it without ya!

    1. There ain't nothing super secret about this shout-out, TIT. I'm all legit and everything now.

      And you soooo could have done it without me, you're brilliant. But I'm you let me be all included in the creation of your awesomeness!!

    2. Thanks Marie!! And I love your cute owls!


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