Thursday, April 19, 2012

22 Things - Take Two

Recently, my life was put on hold.
When you're in the thick of things
it's easy to get derailed. 
That's what happened to me.
This train is one hundred percent off the track,
cars haphazardly laying about,
engines stalled,
passengers wandering amongst the wreckage aimless,
conductor without a clue what to do next.

As I sit here,
I remember where I was headed,
I'm just not sure how to clean up this mess
and get back to chugging along. 

Then it hit me--
And I couldn't think of a better way 
to start piecing my life back together.

What's 22 Things?
In summation:

The 22 Things Creative Change Challenge
is being hosted by Angie Richmond of Write Me Happy
    22 Things is a Creative Change Challenge. By signing up, you are announcing to the world - and more importantly yourself - that you are breaking free of the long standing idea that in order to make changes in your life, you have to do BIG things. 22 Things is about making a list twenty-two small steps you can take - right now - to change your life.
 You are more than welcome to peruse my original post
and Angie's post for more information and awesome lists.
In fact, I highly recommend doing so.

Now where was I?
Oh yes,
getting my life back on course.
So 22 Things seems a bit much to tackle right about now,
but five things...
Well now there's a number I can embrace.

So here's five lil things I'm gonna work on in the next month
and an update on what I've accomplished since March 14th.

1. call/text a family member everyday and tell them I love them
This simple task has brought me oh so much happiness
and made the last month do-able.
Tell a friend.
Tell your boyfriend/girlfriend/spouse/fish/whathaveyou!
Just spread the love.

2. take my vitamins everyday
I've been hit and miss with this one.
Mostly hit.
I'm putting it in my win column.

3. take a long walk once a week

While no walk ever seemed longer than the one from
my car to my dad's hospital room, I'm pretty sure it doesn't count.
Thus, the whole I'm gonna get out in the fresh air more often goal
 has been a ginormous failwhale.
This is one goal I'd like to make a reality in the next month.
In fact, why not start today?!

4. stop being afraid of editing Fluff, Nonsense, & Other Emo Crap (title copy written)
Still haven't edited this beaut.
The plan Stan?
To read it for the first time in a two months next week.
Starting Monday.
Here's how I see it,
I want this story to be the best of me,
so why would I rush it?

5. do at least one page in Wreck This Journal a week. 
This is a new one.
The awesomeness that is my bestie gave it to me whilst she was visiting.
It goes against everything I am to wreck a book
yet I'm wondering if it's just what the doctor ordered--
a little creative destruction.
We shall see.

So there they are,
the five little things I'm gonna work on for the next month.
I already feel a tad bit more in control.
Just a tad.
It's a start.


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    1. p.p.s. of course that's what you'd get out of this post, silly girl. *hugs*

    2. your zitti IS pretty amazeballs. =D


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