Review Requests

Dear Book Bloggers/Reviewers,

Hiya. I think you're swell. Really, truly I do. Once upon a time I was a book blogger too. And books, well, I kind of heart them hard. Let's take a moment to ponder how freaking awesome books are.

*drifts off into la-la-land*


Sometimes I get asked for a *physical* review copy of All The What Ifs. And I've gotta tell you I'm flattered. I think All The What Ifs is a beauty. I might be biased, but in person, she's very, very pretty.

However, to be frank, I'm a small indie press and *physical* review copies are not a thing that I provide upon request. However! I do have digital review copies available in exchange for--yoooooou guessed it--a fair and honest review! Annnnd I run giveaways often for paperback copies. Not to mention, the great thing about All The What Ifs is she's in the Kindle Lending Library! Also, if you did so feel inclined, you could request your local library procure a copy of All The What Ifs for their shelves!

Soooo...while I do not have an unlimited source of physical copies to hand out, there are lots of ways to obtain a copy of All The What Ifs. If you'd like a digital review copy of All The What Ifs email me at and we'll see what we can work out!

Thank you so much for the review request. 
And keep up the awesome book blogging awesomeness.
Happy reading to you!